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IDEAL FOR THE FAMILY and do slackline in AUTONOMY !
The "Easy Pack" is to be added on top of your slackline. It is a learning guide to do slackline WITHOUT FALLING for even more fun!

"Awesome! Thanks to the overhead line, my 5 years old son plays independently on the slackline et enjoy it so much! Definitely a must-have! - Fanny D

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Holding hands with your kids on the slackline is great! Finally 5 minutes...
Having the parents help to walk on the slackline is reassuring! But children quickly want to do like the grown-ups: ALL ALONE!

So the "Pack Easy" is the perfect equipment for the family! It can be added to the slackline kit you already own, to obtain a set that allows children (and adults) to be autonomous on the slackline!

And yes, no more falls! Thanks to the "Pack Easy", you won't fall (or almost) from the slackline and you'll enjoy the game!

No more complicated first steps, no more repeated falls and no more step by step progress.
Walking, jumping, turning around, going backwards, everything becomes easier!

Less falls = more time on the slackline = more fun.

pack easy slackline kid family

Using advices : 

  • To be used by one adult at maximum, or 2 kids at the same time
  • The 2,5cm wide webbing has to be fixed 2 meter above the slackline for kids. At 2,5 meter for adults. At arm's length.
    Set up first the 5cm wide slackline which you will walk on, and then above, the 2,5cm webbing. Conversely to de-rig, release, remove.
  • One person maximum (at the same time) is allowed to manipulate the ratchet 
  • Children are not allowed to handle directly on the above webbing. Fix it consequently high enough

Incompatibilities : 

  • Do not set on street furniture (posts, lampposts, etc.), nor on the pole of your terrace or balcony!
    They are not at all designed to withstand horizontal forces!
  • The pack is absolutely not a zipline!
    He will support the weight of an adult without problems, but it can seriously damage the webbing (due to frictions) which can later lead to security issues.

Tips :

  • Pinch the webbing in the loop to adjust it perfectly flat. See video set up.
  • Put the ratchet's handle face down
  • Protect webbing and trees from abrasion with our Tree Protections
    The life expectancy of your equipment will increase and you will protect trees

Product content

  • It's only the guide-line

    • 1x special undetachable webbing handle
    • 1x 2,5cm width, 15m long webbing with eyeloop
    • 1x 2,5cm width ratchet with adapted sling (2,5m long) with eyeloop
    • 1x manual

Options - Feel free to choose between :

  • Tree Protections = TreEco 150cm or 200cm

    TreEco protect both trees and equipments.
    They are also very useful for the setup (see video)
    If you want both protection on the slackline and the above system, you will have to order two 150cm Tree Protections

  • Carry bag

    • Canvas bag 10L

Nice to store your slackline between two sessions.

canvas bag slackline

    Our Drybag is water and dust resistant! Ideal for storing your equipment in a safe place.
    Plus, with its shoulder straps, it's super convenient to carry!

    drybag 20L easy slackline


    Slacklining and more particularly Highline (in the void, secured by a harness) are sports practices that have no normative or regulatory framework for the manufacture of the material as well as for its installation.

    This is why we do not guarantee our own equipment for highline use.
    Our products are tested within our company and independent laboratories (mentioned on the product page) via a process that evolves with practice.

    These resistance tests have no legal value, they aim to ensure the safety, resistance and comfort of use of our equipment - in the context of our practice.

    It is the responsibility of the practitioner to choose the equipment with the appropriate resistance and to have the necessary experience to adapt the installation to his practice.
    And to use appropriate equipment to secure oneself if necessary, such as PPE equipment (climbing gear, ropes, etc.).


    • Do not install your slackline across a path, trail or place of passage
    • Do not install your slackline more than 2m from the ground without securing yourself with PPE equipment
    • Practice on grassy or cushioned ground free of any protruding objects or objects that could cause injury
    • Do a back up = secure your tension system
    • Never use a ratchet for highline practice
    • Never install your slackline on urban furniture (benches, lampposts, barriers, etc.)

    Safety regarding highlining

    It is the responsibility of the practitioner to use appropriate equipment to secure oneself if necessary, such as PPE (climbing equipment, ropes, etc.).

    In NO CASE is this equipment designed to secure itself. For the lifeline - called backup - we advise to use only PPE standard material (climbing material, ropes, etc).
    Unless expressly mentioned, no slackline element can be considered as PPE (personal protective equipment) for sports and leisure activities


    You can find more information on our website highline.fr

    Download all our PDF installation manual (choose yours in the list) by clicking just below :



    Video Set Up 

    from 1min 30sec

    Your firsts steps with Romain Billard :

    Tuto Slackline : Les premiers pas 
    par Cabinet-de-Curiosites


    How to slackline, including 17 easy tricks :
    click here to download)

    Slackline guide apprentissage - Easy slackline


    Slackline Safety - back up guide - protect your set up and yourself.

    slackline safety the backup securing


    How to determine the tension in your slackline ?

    • Our spreadsheet :
      Thanks to the following sheet, you will be able to approximately know the tension into your gear (slings, shackle, slackline, etc.). You will then know if you are using it correctly, meaning correctly regarding the using advices and most important the strength limits.
      Click there to see the sheet and enter your datas : calculate slackline tension 

    • The Linescale dynamometer
      This product allows you to mesure exactly what is the tension into your equipment.

    Slackline dynamometer linescale 3.0