Slackline backup (on the ground)

Here you will find explanations on how to make a backup on your system, in order to prevent projection if one gear breaks.

These technics assume that your anchor is resistant enough for your setup.

Chosse your anchor with care, every time.


Below how to make a backup on :

  •        ratchets - Kits Cruise, 241, Click15, Click25, Trickline, Jumpline Pro Series, Jumpline Pro XXL
  •        pulleys - Kits Sputnik, Sky03, Longway
  •        Sladlock Power (banana) - Kits Sputnik, Sky03, Longway
  •        loop - All our kits

General :

The backup is a solution to prevent from projection of gear in case one element breaks, due to a bad installation or gear stress.

It will prevent, as far as possible, a ratchet, pulleys or anything to hurt somebody : cf vidéoA slackline setup that breaks is likely to eject gear in the direction of the slackline. From the position of the break, gear will be projected in both directions.
- if the webbing breaks, gear will be projected to the anchors.
- if anything else breaks, gear may be projected toward the slackliner.

Even with the use of a backup, precautions are important :

During tension, put the backup as soon as possible. Most of the break appears during setup.

On a ratchet :

  •        Pull as far as possible from the ratchets body (extended arms, head as far as possible)

On pulley systems :

  •        Pull the rope behind the anchors, and slightly off the slackline main axis, to reduce potential projection risks.

Don't forget to remove your backup before de-rigging the slackline, else backup knots will be too tight to remove.
If the backup is used due to a malfunction or a break, the gear should be discarded!

Some backup technics :

Here are some example of backup. This is not THE solution, a lot of backup are possible. 


Backup a ratchet

For jumplining, industrial slings and shackles are the safest solution, then the backup is useful.


Video of a backup breaking test on the ratchet handle :

Backup a pulley system


The slack of the rope can be used for additional backup.


Backup on a Sladlock Power (banana)


Backup on a loop