Highline gear

All the accessories to the unit or in pack for highlining. If you already have a slackline, this is where you will find the single elements.

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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items

You need to acquire special skills to install a highline - for example through a highline course or a slackline association.

A very different installation from other disciplines

In highline, in addition to the webbing on which the highliner evolves (mainline), it is necessary to install a life line to secure the installation (backup).

The backup is installed under the mainline, independently. They are only connected by tape so that the highliner doesn't get his feet tangled in them during the crossing or a fall. The highliner is attached to both lines at the same time by a ring and a harness. This way, if a problem occurs on the mainline (breakage of the webbing), the highliner is caught and secured by the backup (life line).

The simplified diagram below clearly illustrates the principle of installing a highline. This is an example, it cannot be considered as THE rule to follow to secure yourself. Many other factors come into play to ensure the safety of the highliner (minimum height to be respected according to the length, attachment points, weather, etc.).

highline installation schéma

source : wikipedia

Safety and highline

All the slackline webbings and seams that I offer can be used in highline as well as "mainline". It is important to check the compatibility of the material's characteristics with your practice and your needs.

For the "backup", I strictly recommend PPE (personal protective equipment). The slackline material, except express mention, is not approved EPI. And are not intended to insure you and to serve as a life line.

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