Slackline to travel / light

To equip yourself with the lightest possible slackline equipment! Ideal to take it everywhere with you in your backpack and when traveling on foot or by bike!

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Slackline to travel / light  There are 13 products.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

Who is this category for?

The light and travel slackline category is for all slackline users who need the lightest and most compact slackline equipment possible!

Whether you want to take it to the mountains, on a trip on foot or by bike, this is where you will find your happiness.

For the kits, the length expressed is the maximum length on which a kit can be installed.

Can I take a slackline in the plane, in the cabin?

Unfortunately, carabiners are not generally allowed in the cabin. You will have to travel with your slackline kit in the hold of the plane.

What is the difference between a classic Primitiv and a Primitiv light?

The light version of the Primitiv kit works in the same way as the classic Primitiv for the tensioning. But depending on the option you choose for your kit (Light or Ultra Light), there will be different ways to attach it to the trees (see kit description).

The Ultra Light version is really equipped with a minimum of elements to be 100% focused on lightness and compactness!

The Light version is equipped like a classic Primitiv kit but with even lighter material thanks to the aluminum and the Moonwalk!

Which slackline strap to choose for a light kit?

Clearly, if your goal is a minimum of weight, for a minimum of space, then choose the Moonwalk. Made of 50% Dyneema and 50% polyester. It is ultra light, very static and very strong.

If you want to keep some comfort, even if it means having a little more weight and space taken up by the slackline, a good compromise are the tubular slacklines, playful (swell, ample and soft bounces), they allow you to have elasticity even over short distances. They are more flexible, light and compact than the flat ones.

The RVD and the REGGAE (only the color will differ between them, and there it is up to you to choose)

Any other questions?

Then I invite you to consult the FAQ where there are details of many questions that everyone can ask about slackline and Easy Slackline!

Or call me directly : 07 67 14 87 18