Birth of

The company was created by Damien Mercier. Passionate about outdoor sports and mountaineering activities, he was a true slackline addict. He made everything possible to make our sport grow and progress in the right direction.

In the summer of 2005, he set up which is a historical and creative compagny. 
During his years of practice, he noticed a growing up interest to slack(line) from a wide range of people : extrem sport fans, circus/street culture fans, fitness fans, from 9 to 50 years old.

Most of them asked him to show them the first move and, after few tries, they wanted to know how to set it up and where to buy it.
He decided to find the easiest way to rig different slack(line)s, then design clear guides to it and finally decided to produce his own gears.

Now on, we are four peoples working in the company and fully dedicated to slackline. You can find some of our products in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Brazil and United States. 

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