Highline webbing

 At Easy Slackline, our slacklines are made in France. Cutting, sewing and shipping are done in our workshop in Saint Jorioz, near the Annecy lake (74) 

You need special skills to install a highline - you can lear thanks to highline workshop or thanks to a slackline association.

Safety and highline :

All the slacklines webbings and seams we offer can be used in highline as "mainline".  It is important to check the compatibility of the material's characteristics with your practice and your needs.

We strongly recommend PPE (personal protective equipment) for your backup, the lifeline to secured yourself. The slackline equipment, unless expressly mentioned, is not approved as PPE.

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We offer thin 25mm wide webbing, developed exclusively for slackline. You will be able to choose among all our range the length according to your level.

Types of webbing corresponding to your desires. You will have the choice between :

  • The tubular slacklines, rather elastic. Their greater elasticity gives them a rather soft and slow rebound effect (the "swell"). They are therefore a little more playful because the range of motion on the slackline is greater. They are also generally lighter and more flexible than flat slacklines.
  • Flat slacklines are less elastic than tubular ones. Their bounce is lively and dynamic (the "swell"). They are easier to stretch because they have less elongation.
    They are generally heavier and less flexible than tubulars, but will be more resistant. They also often have round edges, which makes them very comfortable to walk on!
  • Ultra-light slacklines, for very long setup or for travelling.
  • Polyester, nylon (or polyamide) and dyneema, each material has its advantages.

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Advice and help:

You will find a summary of the specs of each webbing on their photos to help you choose.

Easy slackline specs

Need an advice ?

Then go to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) - at the bottom of the page.
You will surely find the answer to most of your questions!

Or even better, we are here to advise you directly (english spoken):

  • by phone at 0033 767 148 718
  • by email at info@easy-slackline.fr
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