Slackline beginners - 15m

All the slackline equipment for beginners!

To equip yourself with thin slacklines (25mm), 15m long and with a ratchet or Primitiv tension system (carabiners).

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Slackline beginners - 15m  There are 27 products.

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Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items

Who is this category for?

The 15m beginner category with a thin slackline (25mm) is for teenagers and adults who want to equip themselves with a first real slackline kit.

For children, prefer a wide slackline (50mm) for the more playful side. But it is completely wrong to think that learning slackline on a wide slackline (50mm) is easier than on a thin slackline (25mm). Click on this link to find out why it is not more difficult to learn slacklining on a thin slackline (25mm).

Which slackline kit to choose for beginners?

Here is a link to the blog to help you in your choice: Choosing a slackline kit for beginners.

What is the difference between a ratchet tensioning system and a Primitiv (carabiners)?

The ratchet slackline kits are more intuitive to set up and the tension is easier to do on lengths less than 20/25m. If you're looking for convenience, and most of the time you'll be slacklining in the same place or in your backyard, then go with this.

The Primitiv slackline kits are lighter and more compact. It's not very complicated to use, but it does take some getting used to at first. If you are looking for an easy to take with you everywhere, to do it whenever and wherever you want, then this is what you need.

Both types of kit are upgradeable. You will be able to complete them in the future to stretch longer.

Presentation of ratchet slackline kit

Presentation of Primitiv slackline kit

Why 15m long ?

A length of 15m, with a thin slackline, allows you to have the basic material to make your first steps in slackline. It is the first interesting step to learn. Even if at the beginning, I advise you to make your first steps on 5/7m maximum, at knee height, the 15m allows you to have an interesting margin of progression without being too cumbersome.

Which slackline webbing to choose? Well... Except for the color of course!

There are different types of slackline straps:

Tubular slackline webbing, playful (swell, ample and soft bounces), they allow to have elasticity even on short distance. They are more flexible, light and compact than the flat ones.

  • The RVD and the REGGAE (only the color will differ between them, and there it is up to you to choose)

The flat slackline webbing, less elastic and easier to tighten. They are also very comfortable for bare feet because they have round edges. They are more robust than the tubular ones.

  • The Slodki, the Shaq (only the color will differ between them, and there it is up to you to choose) and the Moonwalk (intended for the confirmed)

The difference in sensations will be really noticeable from about 15/20m. On 5 to 15m, there is not enough length to exploit their characteristics. So I invite you to choose first the one you find the most visually appealing. And once you will equip yourself for longer (25m and more), then you will have to choose rather according to the characteristics.

For the curious and to have more details, I invite you to read the article on this subject on this blog: Choose a slackline

Any other questions?

Then I invite you to consult the FAQ where there is the detail of many questions that everyone can ask about the slackline and Easy Slackline!

Or don't hesitate to contact me thanks to the chat, email or phone !