Slackline webbings

 All our slacklines are made, cut and sewn in France 

You will find here thin, tubular or flat slacklines of different materials.

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Slackline webbings  There are 14 products.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

Which slackline webbing to choose?

There are different types of slackline webbings:

Tubular slackline webbing, playful (swell, ample and soft bounces), they allow to have elasticity even on short distance. They are more flexible, light and compact than the flat ones.

  • The RVD and the REGGAE (only the color will differ between them, and there it is up to you to choose)
  • If you are looking for elasticity, lightness and compactness (to carry it easily), then I recommend tubular ones.

Flat slackline webbing, less elastic and easier to tighten. They are also very comfortable for bare feet because they have round edges. They are more robust than the tubular ones.

  • The Slodki, the Shaq (only the color will differ between them, and there it is up to you to choose)
  • If you are looking for a slackline that is easy to stretch (because it is less elastic) and very comfortable underfoot, then I recommend flat slacklines.

In the flat webbing, there is also the Moonwalk. This is a slackline that is a bit different, very specific.
It is ultra light, very static and very resistant. The interest of the Moonwalk is to set very very long lines (100m and much more), or to have a setup as light and compact as possible (ultra light kit or highline).
It is a slackline that has been used for several world records in longline and highline and is highly valued by the expert slacklining community.

Characteristics of the slacklines and resistance

On the picture of each slackline you will find pictograms to summarize the performance of each slackline. So you can compare them at a glance!

sangle slackline

How are the slacklines tested at Easy Slackline?

Blog: tests and resistance of slacklines

Safety and highline

All the slackline webbings and seams that I offer can be used in highline as well as "mainline". It is important to check the compatibility of the material's characteristics with your practice and your needs.

For the "backup", I strictly recommend PPE (personal protective equipment). The slackline material, except express mention, is not approved EPI. And are not intended to insure you and to serve as a life line.

Click on the link for more information on highline gear and straps and how to start highlining.

Any other questions?

Then I invite you to consult the FAQ where there are details of many questions that everyone can ask about slackline and Easy Slackline!

Or call me directly : 07 67 14 87 18