Black Friday or Slack Friday ?

Published : 11/23/2020 10:03:18
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Black Friday or Slack Friday ?

These are the reasons why your are on this page :-)




  • You''re well organized for Christmas !

  • You're opportunistic, and you saw the good deals !

  • Sometimes, coincidence is at the right time at the right place !

From Nov 27th to Nov 30th 2020, it's BLACK FRIDAY on Easy Slackline webshop ! Offers from 50% off on our equipement.

By the way ! We'll be available during all the week-end by phone, email or chat to answer your questions :-) (english spoken).

The deal are automatically calculated when validating your order (step 01).

No more words, here you can find our deals ! Enjoy !

  • Free shipping to Europe from 50€ !

    Deal availbale until DECEMBER 31st !
    From order of 50€ (tax incl), shipping cost excl - "Retail" products excluded.

    free shipping europe black friday easy slackline
    Concerns the following countries: Andorra, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

  • 50% off on Twisted Shackles !

  • black friday shackle easy slackline
  • 10% off on Moonwalk slackline webbing ! (3,20€/m = 2,88€/m tax incl)

    Ultra light (34g/m) and ultra resistant (31kN) webbing to set up huge lines. She's also the solution for those who want to carry as light as possible when backpacking.

    black friday moonwalk easy slackline

  • 15% off on Slodki slackline webbing ! (1,90€/m = 1,62€m tax incl)

    Super soft with ultra round edges, the Slodki is perfect for those looking for comfort !

    black friday Slodki easy slackline
  • 20% off on 15m tubular slackline webbing ! (29,90€ = 23,92€ tax incl)

    Available in Orange or Black or Pink.
    15m long, 2,5cm width, with loop.

    black friday tubular 15m easy slackline

  • 20% off on Black Slackline Ratchet ! (24,90€ = 19,82€ tax incl)

    Available without sling or with 20cm sling or with 250cm sling or with Lasso (soft release system).
    Spacers to fit 2,5cm slackline webbings are included !

    black friday ratchet easy slackline

  • 20% off on freestyle Goliath Ratchet ! (34,50€ = 27,60€ tax incl)

    THE freestyle Ratchet to execute aerial tricks

    black friday goliath easy slackline

  • 20% off on slackline LeashRing ! (16,90€ = 13,52€ tax incl)

    Molded steel Leash Rings. The large inner diameter - 75mm - allows optimum comfort to insert the weblocks, slackline, the backup and tie the leash.

    black friday leash ring easy slackline

  • 20% off on PushPin Shackle ! (19,90€ = 15,92€ tax incl)

    12mm Pushpin steel shackle - a must have - very user-friendly !

    black friday pushpin shackle easy slackline

  • 20% off on slackline Mini Sladlock ! (19,90€ = 15,92€ tax incl)

    25mm web locker for slackline webbing. Only for low tension rigging.

    black friday mini banana easy slackline
  • Free loop on scapbox slackline webbing ! (10€ = Free)

    Available only on webbing pieces list on "webbing pieces - scrap (new)" page
    Only for this deal, a code is needed : BCLBF2020

    black friday loop easy slackline

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