EASY SLACKLINE aims to make slackline practice as simple and affordable as possible.
To spread slackline to as many people as possible.

Born from the ashes of Slack.fr, EASY SLACKLINE focuses mainly on leisure activities with kits and equipment to set up slacklines from 15 to 50m.

EASY SLACKLINE, it's simple tensionning systems with ratchet and primitive.

But who is now behind the EASY SLACKLINE brand?

Thibaut is a former employee of Slack.fr. It was him who was on the field (or on the phone), to bring up the needs of clients. In October 2018 he partially left Slack.fr to develop in parallel his event project of high altitude/air shows: "Connection Outdoor".

In June 2019 he decided to create the EASY SLACKLINE brand following the definitive closure of Slack.fr.

Its goal: to make the practice of slackline as simple and affordable as possible in order to perpetuate the spread of slackline to as many people as possible.

A brand with quality products, technical and transparent advice and above all a proximity in the exchange!
It reduces the product range to make it more understandable and affordable to the uninitiated and beginners.

That's why some of you will see similarities or continuity between the two brands, that's the goal!

Good slack!

Easy Slackline is a Connexion Outdoor SAS brand, founded by Thibaut Zwolinski.
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