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How do we think our kits ? 
They are grouped by type of practice : beginners, families, occasional use = Baobab, intermediary use = Outdoor, Freestyle and Experts are clearly dedicated to an intensive practice.
Are kits ready-to-use products ? Yes. Everything is in there : Slings, webbing, connectors, rigging system.

What is the difference between 2,5cm and 5cm large webbing ? 
Width :-), and consequently an easier way of learning for beginners and children. 
We recommend 5cm webbing for this fun use.

What is the difference between a tubular and a flat webbing ? 

A tubular webbing is round and has 2 layers, and forms a tube.
It is most of the time stretchier than a flat webbing. It will be more hard to rig and to walk at same length.

Easy until 25m, it will be a great challenge on longer length.


What is the difference between a Primitiv Kit and a Click Kit ?

The tensioning system is different. Primitiv kit uses the webbing itself, Click kit uses a ratchet.

For how long can I use a ratchet ? 
For our webbing : 15/20m for a tubular webbing and 20/25m for a flat webbing

How to rig 15m, 25m of webbing ? 
15m : ratchet, primitiv or double pulleys
25m : ratchet for flat webbing only, rollerbiner in double primitiv system or double pulleys else.
25m is the limit for easy ratchet or primitiv system. Over, we recommend double pulleys.
Low budget kits use ratchets.

How to rig longer ? 
Except if you like very saggy slacklines, we recommend double pulleys system.


Can we jump on a Primitiv kit ? 
Yes the system is rated for 1500kg of tension. 


How long a sewed loop can be used ? 
More than distance, you should think about the tension. 35m is the maximum we recommend.
Don't use any loop on highline.

Zicral 7075 ?
Zicral alloy is made of aluminium and zinc. This alloy is used in skiing, sailing, flying, biking and climbing for various use. 

Steel carabiners / Zicral carabiners ? 
Again, tension more than length should be the key. For low tension, zicral are light and strong enough. For greater tension, steel will be safer. Anyways shackles can be used in any case. 


Our products are not personal protective equipments. It has been tested in an independent laboratory following our tests, but there are no associated norms concerning slackline, especially longline and highline. Our tests are evolving with the state-of-the-art of the discipline.
Our products are not to be used in any situation where you like could be endangered.
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