No tree slackline kit

The tree-less slackline kits are designed for families and beginners who don't have tree in their garden...

They are equipped with stakes to fix the slackline in the ground, and Aframes to adjust the length and height of the slackline to adapt to all situations!

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No tree slackline kit  There are 11 products.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Who is this category for?

The category slackline with no tree is for families and slackliners who want to slackline in their garden but who do not have a tree... With the 4x4 kits, no problem!
The slackline is attached to the ground with large stakes, and can be adjusted in height and length with the Aframes (A-shaped extension).
Adults and children alike will be able to enjoy the pleasures of balance in any situation!

Presentation of the 4x4 kit without tree:

How to take the first steps ?

At the beginning, I advise you to take your first steps on 5/7m maximum, at knee height. So, as a family, install the slackline according to the smallest.

For more details and advice, go to the blog: How to start slacklining?

Any other questions?

Then I invite you to consult the FAQ where there are details of many questions that everyone can ask about slackline and Easy Slackline!

Or call me directly : 07 67 14 87 18