Slackline Family and adventure

The family and leisure slackline kits are designed for children and families.
They are equipped with wide straps (5cm) which allow a larger support surface and a more "playful" contact with the slackline to make its first steps.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

Who is this category for?

The family category with a wide slackline (50mm) is for families and parents who want to slackline together, in their garden or the park next door. To make your first steps and first jumps as a family! Children and adults work on general balance, proprioception and muscle groups such as abdominal muscles, shoulders, thighs, and also ankles.

For children, it is preferable to use a wide slackline (50mm) for the more playful/fun side. But it is completely wrong to think that learning to slackline on a wide slackline (50mm) is easier than on a thin slackline (25mm). Click on this link to find out why it is not more difficult to learn slacklining on a thin webbing (25mm).

Which slackline kit should I choose for my family?

There are the simple slackline kits, with only one slackline.

And the slackline kits with a learning guide to be stretched on top of the slackline. They allow you to fall less and to have fun from the first steps. Moreover, children will be able to play independently without parents having to hold their hands all the time!

Here is a link to the blog to help you in your choice: Choosing a beginner slackline kit.

Presentation of the simple slackline kit (example: Cruise kit) :

Presentation of the slackline kit with learning guide (example: Easy Kit):

How to take the first steps ?

At the beginning, I advise you to take your first steps on 5/7m maximum, at knee height. So, as a family, install the slackline according to the smallest.

For more details and advice, go to the blog: How to start slacklining?

Any other questions?

Then I invite you to consult the FAQ where there are details of many questions that everyone can ask about slackline and Easy Slackline!

Or call me directly : 07 67 14 87 18