Weblock / banana

The slackline weblockers are very useful because they allow you to adjust the length of the slackline.

If your slackline is 25m long, and there is only 18m between the two trees, then with the webblocker you can adjust the length of the slackline.

There are different types of slacklining devices. They are adapted to the practice and to the tension of each situation:

  • The Linelock
    • The Linelock is recommended for installations with the primitiv system, up to 50m long.
    • It looks like a chain link, it is light and easy to use. With an ultra affordable price, it is the perfect slackline companion.
  • The Banana or weblock
    • Beyond 50m - in highline and longline for example - the "banana" is more adapted because it allows a greater resistance of the slackline webbing and is adjustable without having to be dismantled to be replaced - very practical and safe!
    • Its name comes from its original banana shape. Nowadays they take on more varied shapes - they are also called "weblock".
    • It's an investment, but it's a must have when you start to acquire an advanced level.

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