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Sewn loops for splitting your webbing and unify it with a backup.
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What is the Fractio?

The Fractio consists of two strap loops that we add using seams to the desired place of your webbing.

For the Fractio to be complete, in case of backup webbing, you must add a Fractio also on your backup in order to connect them together or to make knots.

In case of backup rope, you can connect your Fractio and your rope using knots and connectors.

What does it allow?

It allows you to connect your backup to your slackline.

Its advantage over a seam between the main and backup lines is that you can always disconnect your backup and thus vary the types of setups and tension.

What is it used for ?

By connecting your backup to your main webbing you unify your installation.

In case of rupture of main webbing, the Fractio allows you to be caught by the backup but also by the rest of your main line. Properly installed, the Fractio will not hinder your progress and let your leash slide freely behind you. Well calculated and positioned on an installation, it reduces the fall height and the impact force in the anchors and in the leash.

Find articles and our tests on the Fractio on our blog:

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How to order ?

Order the desired number of Fractios and the webbing on which you want to add them.

If no particular placement is specified when ordering, we will place them regularly on the strap.

If you want to add Fractio to a webbing that you already have, contact us at


The Fractio is only 2 sewn loops.
The Command unit option allows you to benefit from a decreasing price on the number of Fractio you want to add.

You can also add the quicklink of your choice, click here.
You will also need to split your backup to unify your installation, or to make knots.

For a specific demand, contact us at

If you want to sew your backup directly to your main line, contact us by email at

See an exemple of Fractio :


Warning !

Do your calculations in order to be sure of having sufficient height in case of backup fall.

Recommended connectors :


Take into account all the elements to calculate your need in Fractio :

  • Length of your main webbing
    Measure the length of your highline and predict its stretch (% stretch depending on the tension).     
  • Length of your backup
    Predict the length of your webbing under tension.
    Allow a length of your backup greater if you want to have backup loops.
    Beware, too long backup loops would make the Fractio useless.
    In general, do not plan for a longer backup of 5% under tension (see the blog).
  • Height     
    Measure the lowest available height (obstacle to the anchors, relief).
    This available height will help you determine the number of Fractio needed.     
  • Predict your height of fall     
    Depending on the available height, and the installation type (webbing, rope, dyneema, polyester, polyamide ...)    
    Attention, in case of backup fall, the sag can be important, making difficult to access to the slackliner and its evacuation.    
    The calculation of the placement on the lines and the use of Fractio on your installation are the responsibility of the practitioner.

Precise description of the product

  • Advantages
    Circulation of the leash without troubles

    Possibility to keep backup loops, walking is always nice.
    In case of rupture of the main line on a well calculated installation, faster recovery of the slackliner during backup fall.
    Anchors and equipment less stressed in case of backup fall.
    Versatile installation, the Fractio is removable, so you have the opportunity to vary the type and tension of your backup unlike a backup directly sewn on your main slackline.
    The installation requires better thinking (length, height, stretch, tension, obstacles on the ground and anchors ...).
  • Disadvantages
    The circulation of a flat pulley can be more complicated depending on the chosen connector.
    Fractio can not be easily swallowed in all bananas (Sladlock Power).
    The seam of a Fractio can be damaged by leashfalls directly on it.
    Your Fractio needs to be well checked all the time.


  • Fractio loop: Moonwalk strap, 35kN resistance
  • Stitched loop resistance: depending on the slackline used *
  • Weight for two loops: 0.050g

* The strength of the Fractio may differ depending on the thickness of the webbing on which it is sewn.

In case we have no data on your webbing, we will cut a 3 to 5m long end to perform the test and thus check the resistance of the Fractio on your webbing.

The resistance of Fractio is given for new gear and can vary according to the age and the history of your webbing.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

Manufacturing process

  • Industrial machine: Brother PD-3000
  • High resistance wire: Onyx 20, 100% polyamide
  • Strap Loop: Moonwalk, 35kN Resistance
  • High resistance sewing: BarTack bar
  • Number of bars: 9 per loop
  • Breaking load *: depending on the slackline used *

Usage tips

  • Check out the blog articles to make your installation.
  • Do not modify your Fractios under any circumstances.
  • The history of your equipment must be known and its wear monitored.
  • Scrapping:
    The Fractio, if activated, means that your main line has broken or an exceptional event has occurred.
    Do not use either your main line or your backup.
    In case of repetitive leashfall on the location of the Fractio.
    In case of deterioration during your check (burns, cuts, abrasive environment ...).
    If in doubt.


  • Trickline / Jumpline
  • Kill Bill
  • The connector must allow the passage of leash rings.

Moonwalk webbing (hybrid dyneema / polyester) Backup Moonwalk + Fractio = Article blog

Maverick webbing (polyester) Backup Maverick + Fractio = Article blog

Moonwalk webbing (hybrid) Backup rope + Fractio = Article blog


Slacklining and particularly Highlining are sports having no legal framework or norms concerning the gear or the setup.

Consequently we cannot warranty our gear for Highlining.
Our products are tested by independent labs (Apave) and inside of our company via a process evolving with practice.

The results of those tests have no legal values, they aim to ensure the safety and comfort of using our equipment.

It is the responsibility of the slackliner to choose the right gear with adequate resistance and to have the necessary experience to adapt his installation to his practice.

Warning !

An installation with Fractios as the practice of Highline is not trivial.

In no case Fractio can be considered as personal protective equipment (PPE).

To install and progress on an installation containing Fractios is under the full responsibility of the slackliner.

Our equipment is not part of personal protective equipment against falls from a height.

The resistance data provided during the modification of your strap is purely indicative and can only be valid on equipment that is strictly identical and has the same state of wear (new).

We provide you a resistance closer to reality but the multiple factors impacting the quality of this data do not allow us to guarantee a maximum resistance in the long term and this from the first use. can not be held responsible for extrapolating this data to other installations.

The customer is considered solely responsible for the use of his equipment, even after modification by us.

No responsibility can be attributed to us as soon as the practitioner agrees to evolve on such installation.

The Fractio is sold for a given resistance, a miscalculation on your part can cause your installation to meet higher tensions than the resistance of the Fractio.

Make your calculations to be sure to have sufficient height in case of backup fall. The Fractio is sold for a given resistance, in any case, to have it on your installation does not guarantee you to avoid an impact on the ground in case of backup fall.

The Fractio does not guarantee a quick and easy evacuation of the practitioner, on the contrary, a backup fall on an installation of this type implies an important sag and therefore difficulties to reach and rescue the slackliner.


  • Don't rig your slackline accross a path,a road or any crossing
  • Don't rig your slackline higher than 2m
  • Ride on a grassy or soft ground, without roots or rocks
  • Always backup your setup
  • Never use ratchets for highlining
  • Never use urban furniture as anchor point

This equipement is absolutely not made for highlining. Find more information on our website

Items cannot be considered as PPE (personal protective equipment

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