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The weblock for slackline webbing. Light and user-friendly, made in France, for all your longlines!


The SLACKIBLOC is a light but quite strong weblock, ideal for longlining.
The tempered aluminum body allows high resistance up to 10 kn and a light weight with its 165 gr. only.


  1. SLACKIBLOC has an anodized aluminum diverter which distributes the energy on the webbing's surface;
  2. The inox 17-4PH makes a working load limit at 15 kN possible and provides a safety factor of 5:1;
  3. Reinforced and anodized aluminum is really resilient to any type of shock and humidity;
  4. With the ball-lockpin system the webbing is easily blocked and secure in the weblock.

Security first

The Slackiblock is not a PPE product
Read first and carefully the user guide before any use, especially before your first installation.

Our SLACKIBLOC is compatible with basically all standard types of connectors.

We recommend 2,2T BOW SHACKLES WITH CAPTIVE PIN, one of the most efficient shackle.

Weblock set up

How to determine the tension in your slackline ?

  • Our spreadsheet :
    Thanks to the following sheet, you will be able to approximately know the tension into your gear (slings, shackle, slackline, etc.). You will then know if you are using it correctly, meaning correctly regarding the using advices and most important the strength limits.
    Click there to see the sheet and enter your datas

  • The dynamometer or Linescale
    This product allows you to mesure exactly what is the tension into your equipment.
    For more informations click there.


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