Hammock HoH In stock

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High quality and light hammock
From the Norwegian brand House of Hygge

One large unique size

  • Hamac L

When opened : 270 cm x 140 cm width
Weight : 362 grammes
Maximum authorized weight : 300 Kgs

Our hammocks are also available in 2 colors :

  • Inside Dark Blue - Outside Light Blue
  • Inside Orange - Outside Light Blue

Fixation in option : 

  • 2 x 2,5mm of 6mm rope plus 2 mini zicral carabiners

Use your slackline equipment to tight it. Re-use your slings and carabiners.

  • Breathable material : nylon from parachute
  • Washable in machine, cold water (30°)
  • Dry in a few minutes when outside
  • Maximum authorized weight : 300 kg

One hammock
One store bag

Options as anchors : 
You can buy our fixation pack : 2 x2,5 meters of 6mm rope + 2 mini zicral carabiners

Or your can find all different slings and connectors on our shop, from the lightest to the cheapest, we have and sell the solution.

Carabiners : 

Slings : 

Do not exceed the maximum authorized weight
Do not install it above 2 meters
Do not attach it on a highline.

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