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Longlining thanks to a pulley system is the Sky01 Kit goal.
More length ? 50m, 100m ? it still will be possible after.
Regarding a 50m length, the kit provides a weblock and a 50m long slackline webbing with eyeloop.

Which webbing should i choose with this kit ?
RVD and REGGAE are bouncy, comfy and give you the same amount of elasticity on the complete length.
- The SLODKI is a flat webbing with soft edges, very easy to tight and ultra comfy too.
- The MOONWALK for its ultra light weight (1,05 Kg less on the total weight), her low volume (-2L) and its low stretch which ease the tension.

15m easy, 25m done, 35m ok ! Next challenge 50m !
Budget and user-friendly were the keywords when we were elaborating this kit.
The double pulley system with multiplier (maxi single pulley) allows to tighten alone the 50m slackline webbing. This kit was conceived to practice on 50m with a single weblock and a slackline with eyeloop.
But we know it, you are going to want more of it ! Good news, you can upgrade the kit !

You are not familiar with a double pulley system with multiplier ?

No worries, the set up is very easy and user-friendly. The video set up and the user guide are also there to help you :-) You will find the user guide in your guide and both user guide and video set up in the "documentation" section.

The good thing about the pulley system is that once you have set it up, you will not have to do it again. Then tensioning system (rope into the pulleys) will be once and for all ready for all your slackline sessions.

Which webbing should i choose with this kit ?

RVD and REGGAE are bouncy, comfy and give you the same amount of elasticity on the complete length.
- The SLODKI is a flat webbing with soft edges, very easy to tighten and ultra comfy too.
- The MOONWALK for her ultra light weight (1,05 Kg less on the total weight), her low volume (-2L) and its low stretch which ease the tension.

Using advices

  • Over 35m, please set up the slackline at face height.
  • The goal is to walk one a "slack" "line", means it should be more or less "slack" (loose)
  • The pulleys should be used to tighten the whole length not to tighten stronger over short/middle distances.
  • The actual kit is only made to tighten over a maximum of 50m.
  • A maximum of 2 persons is allowed to pull at the same time.
  • Keep you pulleys system so (rope into pulleys), he will be ready for the next session.
  • Store you kit dry and clean, away from moisture. (like all textiles)

Incompatibilities : 

  • Don't tighten it on urban furnitures (bench, lamppost, handrail)
  • No Jumpline/Trickline. You want to practice it, look out for Freestyle equipment like the Andy Lewis Kit.
  • The Sladlock Light (mini weblock) is not suitable for this set up - You have to use a proper weblock like the one included in the kit.
  • The webbing eyeloop should not be used over a maximum of 65m

Product content

  • 1x 50m slackline webbing (resistance of the eyeloop >15kN)
    • RVD or REGGAE - tubular (made in France)
    • SLODKI - flzt with soft edges (made in France)
  • 1x weblock (Branded Spider Slackline - Slackibloc 4.0 (made in France), resistance 50kN
  • 2x slings 2,5m 1T. Resistance 30kN
  • 3x Anti-loss pin shackle 12mm. Resistance 65kN
  • 1x 8mm twist shackle. Resistance 35kN (To attach the brake)
  • 1x connector (To attach the rope to the pulley - quick link or carabiner according to stock)
  • 2x Double pulleys skylab 01. Resistance 42kN
  • 1x 20m semi-static rope "contract 10.5mm" with eyeloop. (resistance of the eyeloop >20kN)
  • 1x 1,5m cord 6mm (for the Klemheist knot use to increase your strength - use in the multiplier)
  • 1x Maxi poulie. Resistance 28kN (use in the multiplier)
  • 1x user guide

Options to add - Feel free to choose

  • Brake - An absolute necessity to block/lock the rope.

If you don't have this item, for exemple, a Petzl Grigri, you need to add it to your shopping cart.
1x Petzl Grigri (colors according to stock)
Never use the same brake for slackline and climbing (as a belay device)!
2 different practices = 2 different brakes

  • Tree protections = TreEco 150cm or 200cm

Treeco protect both trees and equipments.
They are also very useful for the setup (see video)
You can use two pairs of tree protections if one is not enough. Scratch them together.

  • Totebag

Coton totebag with big handles and reinforced stitches.
Volume : 18 Liter.

  • Custom webbing

- Don't forget to add your text in the comment section when ordering. (at the validation step)
- Font : Amerika Sans (see picture)
- 25 font characters - spaces included
- Font color : black
- Printed on the tail of the webbing, side of the loop
- Choosing a printed webbing add 2/3 days to your order's delivery
- For more details on how works this option : click here

personnalisation slackline sangle Easy Slackline

Weight and volume

  • 9,5 Kg
  • 18 L

Tree Protections : +0,3 Kg
Totebag +0,3 Kg


  • To tighten efficiently, pull with your back straight and your foot leaning against the tree.
  • Use a piece of the rope to make a handle, it will help you to grip the rope and "burn" your hands when pulling. See "documentation" section
  • Use a releasable stopper knot to avoid any rope slippage into the brake. See "documentation" section.
  • You will be able to tighten alone at height face, but if you want the line at shoulder height (we recommend not to install lower) or want to tighten longer, you need to be two persons to pull.

Upgrade your kit :

Nothing stops you ! The Sky01 Kit is available in 75m with 2 weblocks!
If you want to go further, you will need to upgrade this kit with the following items :

  • A slackline webbing without eyeloop. Freely choose the length. Over a length more than 65m, you will need two weblocks, one on a each side of the webbing.
  • Weblocks x2 
  • Rope :
    - For 75m slackline with double pulley : 25/30m of rope.
    - For 100m slackline with double pulley : 35/40m of rope.
    - Or go for a Line Grip (or similar) to help you and avoid you the purchase of all this rope. Click here to see the video.


Slacklining and particularly Highlining are sports having no legal framework or norms concerning the gear or the setup.

Consequently we cannot warranty our gear for Highlining.
Our products are tested by independent labs (Apave) and inside of our company via a process evolving with practice.

The results of those tests have no legal values, they aim to ensure the safety and comfort of using our equipment.

It is the responsibility of the slackliner to choose the right gear with adequate resistance and to have the necessary experience to adapt his installation to his practice.


  • Don't rig your slackline across a path, a road or any crossing
  • Don't rig your slackline higher than 2m
  • Ride on a grassy or soft ground, without roots or rocks
  • Always backup your setup
  • Never use ratchets for highlining
  • Never use urban furniture as anchor point

This equipment is absolutely not made for highlining. Find more information on our website

Items cannot be considered as PPE (personal protective equipment)

Sky01 Kit Video set up :



kit sky01 50m easy slackline poulie


notice banana - easy slackline



A mechanical advantage, gives you more strength to pull further. 


To avoid any rope slippages into the brake and secure your installation.


It eases the grip when a you are pulling the rope. Better for your hands !


How to slackline, including 17 easy tricks (click here to download)

Slackline guide apprentissage - Easy slackline


Safety – back up guide - protect your set up and yourself


How to determine the tension in your slackline ?

  • Our spreadsheet :
    Thanks to the following sheet, you will be able to approximately know the tension into your gear (slings, shackle, slackline, etc.). You will then know if you are using it correctly, meaning correctly regarding the using advices and most important the strength limits.
    Click there to see the sheet and enter your datas

  • The dynamometer or Linescale
    This product allows you to mesure exactly what is the tension into your equipment.
    For more informations click there.


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