MoonWalk - Hybride Flat In stock

132,60€tax incl.

The high-tech webbing for your records and ultralight set up

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2.84€ by meter without taxes

The high-tech hybrid webbing from for longliners who are looking for an ultralight and strong webbing. For longlines from 50m to more than 1000m

It also will enjoy all the backpackers with its low volume and weight. Like with the Kit Ultra Light (KUL)

Why choose 25/50m? To have an ultralight set up
Why choose 250m or more? To ride them!

3 world records have been made with the MoonWalk :

Made in France

To go further


  • Use Wind Stopper by windy conditions and avoid resonance
  • You can made different setup in the banana
  • To train harder, reduce the tension, or double your webbing
  • Protect your slings and the tree with the tree protection. This will extend the life of your gear.
  • Dry your webbing after use. Always store it clean and protected from UV.

Precise description

  • Sold by meter
  • 2,5cm wide webbing, without loop
  • Superflat Hybrid (50% polyester, 50% HMPE)
  • Marker every 10m on the webbing
    • gives an estimate of the tension, as it starts bending around 15kN
    • gives a rough estimate of the length of your line
  • Our webbing is sold without loop. So, you have several options as weblockers :

Technical specifications

  • Composition : 50% polyester / 50% HMPE
  • Width : 25 mm
  • Thickness : 2mm
  • Weight : 37g/m
  • Elasticity : 3.5% under 10kN
  • Recommended Working Load Limit (WLL) : 11,6kN
  • Breaking Load (BLL) : 35kN
  • No loop



  • LineGrip and HighLineGrip under big tension 
    The MoonWalk slides at 9kN in the LineGrip, and therefore should not be used with the Linegrip until further notice.

Last World Record Video with MoonWalk, Théo Sanson on a 493m Moonwalk in Utah/USA.

ACROSS THE SKY - a world record slackline in the utah desert from Camp 4 Collective

Highline World Record - 1020m - Behind The Scene - 19 April 2016 - Nathan Paulin -


Slacklining and particularly Highlining are sports having no legal framework or norms concerning the gear or the setup.

Consequently we cannot warranty our gear for Highlining.
Our products are tested by independent labs (Apave) and inside of our company via a process evolving with practice.

The results of those tests have no legal values, they aim to ensure the safety and comfort of using our equipment.

It is the responsibility of the slackliner to choose the right gear with adequate resistance and to have the necessary experience to adapt his installation to his practice.


  • Don't rig your slackline across a path,a road or any crossing
  • Don't rig your slackline higher than 2m
  • Ride on a grassy or soft ground, without roots or rocks
  • Always backup your setup
  • Never use ratchets for highlining
  • Never use urban furniture as anchor point

This equipment is absolutely not made for highlining. Find more information on our website

Items cannot be considered as PPE (personal protective equipment)

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