Slackline beginners - Thin 15m

This are our "real slackline kit" to begin as teenager or adult - with thin webbing 2,5cm wide, and 15m long.

It's not more difficult to start and learn on a thin slackline webbing. Technically, it's even the opposite - especially for adults :-)
Thin slackline webbings are naturally centered under the foot unlike a wide slackline webbings which tend to roll under the foot. Thin slackline are more stretchy/playful and comfortable to walk. It's just a matter of habit.

For easy setup and occasional practice, we recommend the Kits Click.

For a lighter kit, and a more regular practice, we recommend the Kits Primitiv.

Our slackline kits are evolutionary. You just have to complete them to be able to tension longer as you progress. With a longer slackline and a 2nd ratchet or a primitiv multiplier pack for example.

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